Now with the working from home situation relatively more stable for corporations and with teams feeling safer at home, finding that balance is one of the issues that recurrently show up during my coaching sessions.

Practice using those 3 steps:
1- Start with yourself – simplify, prioritize and be intentional: what are your priorities, what am I willing to negotiate and what are the non negotiables?
2- Assertively articulate your expectations.
3 – Listen with empathy and coach your team members to “manage energy away from why we can’t to how we could.”
Something like – “I care about you, (I see you, I hear you, I am present for you) AND given the current reality and expectations, let’s focus on how we could.” – Source: Cy Wakeman Accountability with empathy Fb Live

Example: Given that you have kids at home and additional demands on your time, how can you stay on top of this project? If needed, give your reports time to get back to you with a proposal.
Posting in my quest to help Leaders and Organizations increase their Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Because EQ is also about balancing Empathy with Accountability.