I’m Aliucha Ramos

I am a multilingual, certified professional coach and group facilitator, with more than 18 years of leadership experience as a global marketing executive in Fortune 100 companies. I leverage my executive career experience and my passion to unveil my client’s leadership authenticity, to increase their leadership range and activate their full potential.
My strengths include my whole person transformative approach, depth, and ability for big picture thinking.


Coaching Experience

I have been working as a professional coach since 2015. As a Leadership and Executive Coach, I help leaders enhance their emotional intelligence, sense of empowerment, and shift their mindset to meet evolving expectations in their workplace. I bring a breadth of domestic and international client service experience, and add to my coaching and facilitator practice the credibility and the experience of being a thoughtful leader myself.

Coaching Style

At the core of my coaching style is my ability to build an honest and trusting relationship with my clients. I bring warmth and empathy together with courage and strength to unveil my client’s blind spots and sustain them in their transformation. I do believe that a leaders’ perspectives create their leadership possibilities. Through coaching, I work with clients to expand their perspectives so they can expand their own possibilities.

Life Before Coaching

With more than 18 years of experience in CPG companies, I have worked in a variety of marketing roles (including international assignments), up to Director level for SC Johnson and Coca-Cola. I bring an acute knowledge of marketing skills, global organizations, developing countries (Latin America and Asia), and management savviness, together with proven ability to lead and deliver results in highly complex and changing environments.

More About Me

I am a multi-cultural person and have lived in Europe, North and South America, and I have traveled and visited countries in 6 continents. I love to work with multi-cultural clients, and I practice yoga to maintain my balance.

Languages Spoken

English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese





I have been fascinated by Greek mythology since young age. I loved to read about the God stories, Goddesses powers and the Heroes endeavors. The hero Perseus and his winged divine stallion Pegasus, would occupy my imagination as well as Artemis and her animals in the forest. Then, as an adult, I studied Jung and archetypes and kept nurturing the fascinating presence myths have in my life.

The truth is that I believe myths still influence all of us, even if we are not fully aware of it. Campbell often described mythology as having a fourfold function within human society and among those, a pedagogical function, guiding individuals through the stages of life.

According to his understanding of the pedagogical function, as a person goes through life, many psychological challenges will be encountered, and myth may serve as a guide through the different stages. Odysseus story, written by Homer in the Odyssey, is the myth that is serving as my guide. It is the myth that inspires me to work with my clients.

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Odysseus, also know as Ulysses, was the legendary Greek king of Ithaca, husband of Penelope and father of Telemachus. He was renowned for his brilliance and versatility. His most famous contribution to the Greek war effort was to devise the stratagem of the Trojan Horse, which allowed the Greek army to sneak into Troy and finally win the war.

However, he is most famous for the Odyssey, and the ten years he took to return home after the Trojan War. Ulysses is the hero that wants to learn and experience everything his journey is giving him the chance to. He wants to expand his knowledge. But most of all, Ulysses is the hero of the return, the one that needs to remember what has heart and meaning  for him, what he truly values. His remembrance gives him the strength to accept all the difficult obstacles he needs to vanquish.  His willingness comes from the most deep desire to come back to his island, to his family and most of all, to come back to himself, to his true self.

Like Odysseus, each one of us live a life of adventure and return. We go to our metaphoric Trojan wars to conquest and challenge ourselves with the energy of heroes. And then we go through a period of return, where we seek to integrate what we have learned, we make trade offs to recover our balance, and remember what in the end, really matters to us..

As leaders, we strategize about Trojan Horses that hopefully will allow us to be successful in our careers.  We also want to understand and develop our skills and talents, constantly learning and leveraging the opportunities that show up. But as importantly, as leaders, we also need to deeply understand what truly motivate us, our core values, what has heart and meaning for us. We must always remember who we truly are, our authentic self and our major purpose in life.

As a leadership coach and facilitator, I want to partner with my clients so they can be fully present and resonant throughout their own journeys of adventure and return.



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