Unlock Your Full Potential

Leadership is a powerful manifestation of authenticity, talents and gifts.  When a leaders’s uniqueness is leveraged in service of their purpose, they achieve mastery, joy, and meaning for themselves and for those they lead.
Aliucha Ramos
I am a leadership coach and I help corporate leaders unlock their full potential.

I am a multilingual, certified professional coach and group facilitator, with more than 18 years of leadership experience as a global marketing executive in Fortune 100 companies. I leverage my executive career experience and my passion to unveil my client’s leadership authenticity, to increase their leadership range and activate their full potential.

My strengths include my whole person transformative approach, depth, and ability for big picture thinking.



Nurture purposeful leadership from the inside out, guiding leaders towards higher self-awareness, authenticity and self-enhancement so they can express their full potential, enable the same in others and increase the quality of relationships.

My Framework



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Leadership & Executive Coaching

Leadership coaching is a co-created partnership between coach and leader, aiming to facilitate a leadership intentional shift.

It is a creative process that will enhance the leader self-awareness, performance and purpose.


Group Coaching and Facilitation

I create experiential learning for leadership development shining a spotlight on strengths as well as potential growth areas. Leaders learn proven and effective approaches and commit to action and accountability.




International Service:

Odysseus Coaching proudly

works with clients based in

North and South America 

Multi-Lingual Coaching:

  • Engligh
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portugese